The CliniEx Initiative

In the field of cardiology, diabetology, neurology and nephrology to strengthen their efforts toward this cause.

This initiative called CliniEx is a continued educative forum for physicians created for sharing clinical challenges and insights, learning from the experience of peers and ultimately improving NCD management outcomes in clinical practice.

Focus of the Forum

CliniEx is a scientific exchange continuum with a difference with patient journey at the centre of deliberation. The forum facilitates active learning related to practical challenges in the diagnosis and management of hypertension, diabetes, stroke and CVD at a primary care setup.

Learning, The SCT Way

A new learning methodology has been used for CliniEx called Script Concordance Test (SCT) Methodology.

A substantial body of research supports the SCTs construct validity, reliability, and feasibility across a variety of health science disciplines and spectrum of health professionals education from pre-clinical training to continuing professional development.

CliniEx consists of

Each module consists of one case
room discssion among

Share your challenging clinical situations to panel of experts of your circle to get their views on the case. You also have option to share challenging clinical cases to all members of your circle only, if you like to get their opinion. You can read and help your peers to address their challenging clinical cases by answering their queries and commenting on the case descriptions.