Unfinished Challenge

India is facing a formidable healthcare challenge in managing & treating non-communicable diseases [NCDs] like hypertension, diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease (CVD) etc. Prevalence of NCDs is showing a rampant growth with the passage of time. Measures taken to arrest the rate of mortality due to spread of NCDs have not been very effective in India.

Physicians as Torch bearers

India, with a vast population of around 1240 million, is facing acute shortage of specialist doctors for resolving the crisis posed by NCDs. According to World Health Organization (WHO), an alarming proportion of around 26% of premature deaths are caused due to the afore-cited four NCDs in India.

Hence, there is an impending need for physicians engaged in general & family medicine practice to come forward and accept the role of torchbearers for tackling the menacing situation caused by NCDs.

Physicians need to play a larger role in not only effectively managing NCDs but also in diagnosing these silent killers at an early stage and managing patients after secondary and tertiary procedures.